Auntie Anne’s Ad Review: Why this ad is pretzel perfect!

Welcome to our Auntie Anne’s Ad Review for Pretzel Sunday! Here, we talk about the best parts of their social media ad and why it’s perfect for Paid Social Advertising. Enjoy the video!

Three reasons why this paid social video from Auntie Anne’s is getting their audience hungry for pretzels.

1️⃣  Number one, not only is it leading with the benefit, it is leading with the four benefits of a pretzel. You see the buttering of the pretzel, you see the salt dropping down on the pretzel. You see the tearing apart of the pretzel and you see somebody just about to bite into the pretzel. I don’t know how your mouth isn’t watering after the opening scene.

2️⃣ Number two, then we see the ultimate benefit, which is in the opening scene. But it focuses on the gentleman which is a human face, taking that pretzel and slowly biting in and getting that dough.

3️⃣ Number three, there’s no lollygagging in the video and at 11 seconds, it’s optimized for how audiences consume on social media.

Auntie Anne’s Ad

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