5 Ways Creative Impacts Paid Social Performance

With paid social, the creative is the number one variable within an ad to capture your audience’s attention as they scroll through their social feed. If you want people to click on your ad, you first need to stop their thumbs from scrolling to get their eyes focused on your benefit. Your creative is more than just a master of getting clicks. Here are the 5 ways creative impacts your paid social performance.

#1 Acquisition

When you deliver creative that’s emphatic for your audience’s consumption habits, you’re positioning your ad to captivate a larger portion of your audience. Once you get their attention your creative’s is designed to give the viewing audience clarity into how they can benefit from your product/service. If your benefit is compelling and relevant to your audience then your click-through rate will improve to increase the total amount of generated leads. With paid social’s machine learning designed to distribute optimal ad experiences as quickly as possible, you can quickly increase your ability to scale by delivering premium creative on the largest digital platform in the world.

#2 Lower CPM

Social media platforms care about their user’s experience and as a marketer so should you. The better ad experience you deliver to your targeted audience the better your ad will perform within the auction place. For every auction you enter, you can positively impact your bid by over 50% with optimal creative. With paid social’s platform operating within a free market environment, an optimal creative will perpetually outperform the competition and win more impressions at a lower cost. This allows you to lower your CPM and increase your daily reach without increasing the budget.

#3 Down Funnel Performance

The ripple effect of the creative goes beyond lead acquisition. Once a lead is acquired, your goal is to now influence their down funnel behavior to perform a series of events. This can be answering a sales call, setting up an appointment, purchasing a product, or more. When a lead consumes a creative at the top of the funnel with paid social their upcoming decision tree is anchored by this experience. By delivering a clear and powerful message, you can influence behavior throughout the funnel to improve your CAC.

#4 Brand Lift

When your creative stops a thumb from scrolling that thumb is more likely to skip past your ad then click and become a lead. However, for many of those thumbs, their journey has just begun. The memory of your creative can drive measurable results throughout your marketing landscape. You can run brand lift tests to understand how your audience’s brand awareness, perception, or recall is impacted by your creative. The better experience you deliver the more likely your audience is to further engage with your brand throughout different touchpoints in your funnel including organic, paid search, and more. 

#5 More data

The better your creative performs the more leads you’re going to produce. This increase in data at the top of the funnel then snowballs throughout every touchpoint in your funnel. To start you’ll be giving more conversion data back to ads manager which further empowers it’s machine learning. This will improve your ability to identify and target your ideal audience at the moment they’re most likely to take action towards your brand. You’ll also get more email subscribers, leads to qualify, and opportunities to close. Increasing your funnel bandwidth reduces the time it takes to get statistical significance for your A/B testing. Turning your marketing and sales teams into a growth hacking machine. 

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