27 paid social memes that remind advertisers they’re not alone

27 paid social memes that remind advertisers they're not alone

To all Paid Social Experts, Digital Marketers, Social Media Advertisers, Managers, and more, you’re not alone!

The world of social media is a vast one filled with ups, downs, rights, lefts, traffic, conversions, unnecessary campaign objectives, bad targeting, and also lots of fun.

So today, we’ve compiled our best paid social memes to give you guys and gals a big boost of confidence.

If that doesn’t work then we hope it’ll at least make you laugh out loud. Because what better way to cheer up the community than with a blog full of memes? Enjoy!

1. Creativity comes when it wants to.
Inception: Once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it's almost impossible to eradicate

You never know when a great idea is gonna hit. In this meme from Inception (2010), we’re reminded that when a good one takes form in our minds, our advertising brain cells won’t allow it to leave.

2. BeReal has entered the chat.

Mr. Bean trying to cheat on an exam

The new app is slowly taking over the world of social media, and because it’s such a fresh and creative concept, we might just see Meta use the same feature on their family of apps in the future.

3. When Facebook targeting lets you down.

Wandavision: I'm fine
According to this blog from Social Media Today, Facebook Interest Targeting is sometimes inaccurate. But don’t worry, we’ve got some good tips to help you out. Click on the post to read all about it in the caption.

4. YouTube bringing hope to Paid Social Advertisers.

America's Next Top Model: Crying
With free TV comes room for more ad placements! Yes, that means there’ll be more opportunities for your paid social ads to thrive on the platform. Thank you, YouTube. Looking forward to it.

5. TikTok vs. Instagram Reels part 1.

Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph at the 2018 Oscars
In our Oscar memes compilation post, we highlight the competition between TikTok and Instagram Reels. Is there really a difference? Not much, which is why it’s so much fun to compare the two. Both are excellent platforms gaining the most traffic online, so keeping up with trends from their respective apps is essential for good advertising.

6. And yes, we’ve got Will Smith memes too.

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars

We couldn’t help it. With Elon Musk trending in the same month, it was a meme waiting to happen.

7. Looking back on past advertising mistakes. A.K.A. microtargeting.


don’t microtarget audiences on paid social advertising. 🤦 trend: @michael_freshboi 🎶 #advertisingtok #advertisingtiktok #marketingtok #marketingtiktok #paidsocial #paidads #digitaladvertising #tiktokads #tiktokadstips #facebookads #facebookadstips #socialmediamarketing #socialmediahacks #fyp #microtargeting #microtarget #nonono #futureself #futureselfmessage

♬ original sound – The Meme Messiah


Read our full blog on why we don’t recommend microtargeting for Meta Advertising.

8. TikTok partnering with Giphy (much to Meta’s dismay.)

Star Wars: You were the chosen one!
Yes, Giphy and TikTok are in cahoots now and it’ll provide advertisers and content creators with fun new concepts to play with. More gifs, more fun!

9. With great ad automation, comes great advantage.

3 Spidermans pointing at each other
Arguably one of the most famous memes on the internet is the 3 Spidermans? Spidermen? pointing at each other. But with the release of Spiderman: No Way Home in December, we got the live action version of that image. So, we couldn’t resist applying it to Meta’s latest ad automation update. You can also click on the post to see the rest of our Spiderman memes in the carousel. You’re welcome!

10. Things you simply shouldn’t do on Paid Social.


don’t microtarget audiences on paid social advertising. 🤦 trend: @michael_freshboi 🎶 #advertisingtok #advertisingtiktok #marketingtok #marketingtiktok #paidsocial #paidads #digitaladvertising #tiktokads #tiktokadstips #facebookads #facebookadstips #socialmediamarketing #socialmediahacks #fyp #microtargeting #microtarget #nonono #futureself #futureselfmessage

♬ original sound – The Meme Messiah


Enjoy our dancing in this 10-second TikTok on Paid Social bad practices. (It was a trend we jumped on, don’t hate us.) Additionally, you can read our full blog on the subject to learn more!

11. Twitter Ads has also entered the chat.

Antman: It's about damn time
Hooray for Twitter and their new interactive ads. Click on the post to know more. Details are in the caption.

12. Always add audio captions. Even Anakin agrees.

Star Wars: Angry Anakin Skywalker vs. Happy Anakin Skywalker
Star Wars is so iconic, people will undoubtedly be using their memes for centuries. Enjoy our take on it! Click on the post to see the rest.

13. When good results from Paid Social lead to better results on organic social, organic search, paid search, and email marketing.

The Simpsons
There’s nothing like gaining traffic in other marketing platforms all thanks to Paid Social Advertising.

14. Growth hacking is indeed a superpower.

Loki: Is this the greatest power in the universe?
In our Paid Social Memes: Marvel Edition post, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite meme-able moments from the MCU to represent our Paid Social problems.

15. When your ads start performing.

Little girl losing her mind over cotton candy
The little girl represents us all!

16. Advertising on LinkedIn vs. Advertising on TikTok.

Suicide Squad: Calm Harley Quinn vs. Angry Harley Quinn
They’re such different platforms! Do you agree? Our Paid Social Memes: DC Edition post shows you a few things we’ve learned from Social Media Advertising through the years.

17. TikTok vs. Instagram Reels part 2.

The Office: Corporate needs you to find the difference between this picture and this picture
We can’t do a blog on memes without some of our favorite scenes from The Office. Of course, we had to throw in a TikTok vs. Reels one first. Take a look!

18. The level of pride from your audience when you finally add audio captions to your ads will be indescribable.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Amy Santiago and Charles Boyle proud face
Proud parents as illustrated by one of the best moments from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Adding audio captions to your video ads is so important because 85% of people watch videos with the sound off on social media. Hence, captions will help them follow along visually. Head to the post for the rest of the memes!

19. If you have the budget for a top quality video ad, make sure to lead with the benefit. Otherwise, you’ll just burn cash.

The Office: Michael Scott cringe face
We cannot stress this enough, it won’t matter if your video ad has the best production. If you save your benefit for last, you will lose your audience. Michael Scott knows it too.

20. Facebook Ads really be stalking us (Joey is spooked).

Friends: Joey Tribbiani shocked face
What products/services did Meta haunt you with? Comment down below! Plus, there’ll be more surprises if you click to see the post.

21. The difference between Paid Social and Traditional Advertising in a nutshell.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Real Captain America vs. Fake Captain America
This one’s self-explanatory.

22. From Facebook to Meta, started from the bottom now we’re here.

Oprah Winfrey interviews Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Raise your phone if you still haven’t gotten over the infamous name change.

23. TikTok ending 2021 with a bang.

Cobra Kai: Season 4 scene
And now TikTok Ads is one to watch. Look out, advertisers. Make sure to check out the post for the rest of our Cobra Kai memes!

24. First time advertisers be like.

Old School: Once it hits your lips, it's so good.
Ain’t nothing like a good conversion!

25. Advertisers are scientists, indeed.

Spiderman: You know, I'm something of a scientist myself
But without the lab coats.

26. Shuffle Play.

Spotify Playlist: How To Make A Good Facebook Ad

The number one rule of Paid Social Advertising is to lead with your benefits, without a doubt. Take it from this Spotify Playlist if not from us.

27. And finally, here is a compilation of paid social mistakes as your “favorite” tv characters! Which one are you?

Paid Social Mistakes As TV Characters
We’ve got Emily in Paris, Ross from Friends, Ted from How I Met Your Mother and a few surprises. Click here to see it all!

That’s 27 paid social memes! And so much fun. We hope you thoroughly had a blast with our meme compilation. Everyone needs a good laugh every now and then and we specifically wanted to give a shoutout to our fellow advertisers for all their hard work. This one’s all yours!

Lastly, check out our Ad Reviews, Tier Lists, and Paid Social Blogs! Furthermore, you can make an appointment with our Paid Social Expert by booking a call here.

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